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Gandhi Rastriya Smark Nidhi Notes

The National Gandhi Memorial Trust also called the Gandhi Qaumi Yaadgar Fund, is a memorial trust run by the Central Government of India established to commemorate the life of Mahatma Gandhi. It funds the maintenance of various places associated with Mahatma Gandhi’s activities during India’s freedom movement, and is also a leading producer of literature on Gandhi […]

Argentina New 5000 Pesos Banknote

The 5000 Pound note will print in PAPER. It Has Came in Circulation . Banknote will have the images of Ramon Carillo, Prime Minister of Health of Juan Peron and Cecilia Grierson, first Argentine doctor on Front. The back of the new note depicts the Malbran Institute. This institute is currently battling against the Corona virus in […]

Zimbabwe New 50 Dollars Banknote

The New 50 Dollars Banknote Issued on 6th July 2021 , will Introduced onto Circulation on 7th July 2021. New Features : FEEL : Banknotes have a unique rough feel which is different from other printed materials such as magazines or computer print outs. LOOK : Watermark : When held against the light the Zimbabwe […]

England New 50 Pounds Polymer Banknote

The 50 Pound note will print in POLYMER. It will come in circulation on 23 June 2021. Banknote will have the images of Queen Elizabeth II on the front and picture of ALAN TURING on back. Alan Turing considered as a FATHER of theoretical Computer science and Artifical Intellingence.

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